Ten Must Have Items For Men

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Trust me, you don’t need to waste a lot of money in order to make yourself looks fashionable. You only need these 10 basic items, a mix-and-matching skills, and a big badass confidence![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Open your closet and lets check your collection! Do you have…

1. Black formal suit

Invest a little more here, this black formal suit gonna save you in every formal ocassions. Simply, sleek, yet stylish. There’s nothing else I can say.

2. Denim

Preferably dark denim. But light color and faded denim will be just fine if you think you look good on it. Choose one kind of denim that fits you best. Whether it’s skinny, flare, or straight cut. It doesn’t have to be raw Nudie or APC, anyway.

3. Polo Shirt

Dark color will always be your safest bet but today, light is the new dark. Yes you will look good on mustard, light green, even pink! Confidence is the key, it doesn’t have to be branded. Let’s forget Lacoste and Fred Perry for a while.

4. Chino/Khaki Pants

Classic item with classic color. It goes with almost everything. You can wear it with shirts, tees, polos, anything. It might be a perfect replacement when you start to get enough of your denim.

5. Shoes

Four types of shoes that can save your lives are formal leather shoes, sneakers, loafers, and chukka/desert boots. you will always have options for each and every ocassion!

6. Shirts

Short sleeve, long sleeve, plain, plaid, stripes, gingham, denim, any kind of shirt that suits your style. White plain long sleeves is the most important though.

7. Jacket

From hoodies to sweaters. Leather to denim. Bomber to biker. Varsity to blazer. Any kind of your signature jacket will do.

8. Band T-shirt

I don’t have to say that this one is important, but I believe you already owned at least 3 tees inside your closet, right? Band tee is one simple item to boost your coolness. Pick one (or more) of your favorite band. Ramones? AC/DC? The Beatles? Daft Punk? Coldplay? Anything!

9. Tie

Complete your wardrobe with silk tie. You just never know how much you’ll need this thing. Choose a basic pattern. So you can pair it with your patterned shirts (ie : plaids/ginghams) as well.

10. Bermuda/Cargo Shorts

Give you an instant stylish vibe at casual occasion. Try to pair it with your band tee, layer it with denim shirt, then slip your moccasin on. Awesome! With this items in your ‘arsenal’ you will never lose ‘the fashion war’ again ! So keep mix and match-ing & keep fashionable lads! ^^


Wear Your Boots Properly

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1. The Chelsea Boot (aka Dealer Boots)

A boot with an ankle-high height, a close fit and without laces. this boots employ an elastic panel known as goring, which allows the shoe to stretch when taking it on or off. Known and praised for its convenience.

How to wear them: Today, more refined varieties with dress shoe soles are making a comeback. We think it’s proof positive that suits and boots can live in perfect harmony — provided, of course, that the cut complements the Chelsea’s slim, sleek lines. Your shirt collar, tie and, yes, even your briefcase should have an equally trim proportion to the slimness of the boot. We recommend pairing your navy suit with brown Chelsea boots.

2. The Chukka Boot (aka Turf Boots Or Bucks)

Like the Chelsea, the chukka boot is also known for hovering in the ankle area. But the similarities stop there. This boot comes with two to three eyelets of lacing and is often outfitted in suede. In the 1940s, chukkas popped up as part of a trend toward casual dressing, and by 1950, the British brand Clarks had invented its iconic desert boots (essentially a chukka with a crepe rubber sole), solidifying the style’s spot in shoe history.

How to wear them: A recent resurgence in popularity has everyone from college kids to soccer dads sporting chukkas. And for good reason: It only takes a solid Oxford shirt and straight-leg jeans with a single cuff that gently covers the boot without breaking (so the pants fall straight over the shoe in a clean line) to do these shoes justice.

3. The Cowboy Boot (aka Western Boots)

They’re exactly as you imagine: A tall boot shaft at least above the middle of the calf, no laces and a heel of about two inches. tips: you don’t have to lasso livestock to own a pair.

How to wear them: For city folk, we suggest a more modern take in broken-in brown or tan with a rubber sole. And unless you can actually wrangle something, couple your cowboy kicks with jeans (preferably a dark and slim boot cut), an Oxford shirt and a tweed sportcoat.

4. The Hiking Boot

Hiking boots vary widely in appearance, but the key to sniffing out this shoe is a relatively rigid structure that provides support for the ankle without restricting movement. despite its name Hiking boots have been evolved into a all-purpose outdoor recreation shoes.

How to wear them: Fortunately, there are now more refined kinds that retain the function and feel of the original without the need for a fleece and a flashlight. Our take is best worn with rolled corduroys (a single cuff will do) and a shawl collar cardigan or fitted sweater in Fair Isle.

5. The Motorcycle Boot (aka Engineer Boots)

The height ranges from above the ankle to below the knee, but all motorcycle boots boast a low heel in order to aid in putting the pedal to the metal, as well as heavy duty leather for protection against an unplanned meeting with the pavement. Engineer boots are the archetypal old-school biking boot (as opposed to the tricked-out racing or motocross kinds)

How to wear them: These days, you can flaunt a pair with all the elements of a true engineer boot without coming off like a costume. Toss them on in your downtime with a pair of black jeans, a relaxed-fit pocket tee and, of course, a leather jacket.

6. The Military Boot (aka Combat Boots)

As you might expect, boots made for the military are designed with one goal in mind: to shield you from an unfriendly environment. As a result, combat boots run the gamut from ankle-high to under-the-knee, and are typically made from technical materials like waterproof leather, Gore-Tex and rubber.

How to wear them: Swapping traditional black boots for red ones and donning dark denim (complete with a couple of cuffs or tucked directly into the boot), a vintage tee and a tailored peacoat should keep you clear of counterculture territory.

7. The Winter Boot (aka Cold-weather Boots)

This is perhaps the broadest boot group of boots, with styles from military-issue Kevlar lace-ups to suede and shearling-lined slip-ons. What they have in common? They all fit the foot snugly to help retain heat. Born from the simple need for survival, waterproof winter boots made of deer skin and tree bark with bearskin soles are at least 53 centuries old. And while structure and style have thankfully changed, the basic premise of protection against winter’s woes remains the same. No one north of Florida should be without a sturdy pair past December.

How to wear them: We’re currently occupied with technical takes that combine leather uppers with reinforced rubber on the toe. Trust us — they’re nothing short of genius for when snow turns to slush. The combination of materials also allows you to comfortably keep them on throughout the day with jeans, a thermal Henley and fitted puffer coat.


In short, you don’t need to be a cowboy or a military officer to buy into men’s boots. Turns out, even if you’re on desk duty, there’s still a way to slip ’em on with style.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

3 Common Fashion Stereotypes You Should Avoid!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Being a modern person and following the latest fashion trends can really wear you down! And its up to us, as a consumer to choose what best for us, in deciding whats good and whats bad for yourself you need to avoid this three fashion stereotypes:


1. You need lots of money to be fashionable!

Some people just buy things because it looks good and its on sale, but sometimes it just ends up as your closet accesories rather than yours.

“You should only buy items that you really need and stop buying clothes you never wear.”

Yes we need to spend money, but spend it smartly. Doing shopping nowadays is easy, with a lot of online stores you can browse for best deals and products that suits your style and needs.
Especially stores with coupon or discount, you can get a good cut from the original price
and for me I always wait 1 week before i buy something, if in 1 week I still want that items, I will buy it! With this I can control my impulsive shopping.

Buy the items not the brands!

This is where it could get ugly, people can spend lots of money buying branded items just to follow the trends! (or bragging ^^) actually its your rights to do so, its your money anyway! ^^

But I just want people to understand that in the end its about how an items looks good on you rather than the brand itself. So here we can deny the steoreotypes that we must invest a lot to be fashonable.

Buying clothes that everlasting and flexible can realy cut your spending on fashion items. buy that really suits your style (and body) so you can wear it for a long time.


2. You need to have an ideal body

You can see how the gym is always crowded nowadays, people (especially woman) tend to think that they need to have an ideal body to be able to follow the trends. of course having an ideal and fit body is a plus, but underline this, its not a necessity!

With a good guidance in picking the right style and patterns according to your body you can make it to your advantage. The proof, can be seen at the last fashion week in Paris, the range of models from skinny to curvy show the acceptance of this diversity.

One of the most important tips here is choosing the right size! Have you seen a movie titled crazy stupid love? In that movie Cal (starred by Steve Carrell) used to choose clothes with a bigger size from his actual size, then compare it after he had a make over. It looks neat right? So call your tailor now and size up your body!


3. We NEED to follow the trends

Again, this is not wrong, but its not completely true either. Lots of fashionistas stay with their style and gives an alternative to the current trends (sometimes become the trends it self). So why cant we do this? People will look us as unique and brave, all we need is a confidence to pull it off, with a little knowledge in your body type and mix-and-matching you can never go wrong, right?

These stereotypes are not completely wrong, but we can save a lot by avoiding this. we dont have to be the one that dragged by the trends as long we have our own style.


So be a smart spender, smart shopper, and stay fashionable![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]