The Power of Peptides

Since 2004, HydroPeptide® has revolutionized skin care through the power of peptides as messenger molecules that work on a cellular level to increase hydration, visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin’s natural luminosity. With over 60 peptides, antioxidant rich botanical stem cells, growth factors and hyaluronic acid, our award-winning daily care and professional collections offer targeted customisable results-driven regimens for most skin types.

Our Facial & Body Treatments

​HydroPeptide® facials and body treatments are designed to leave skin youthfully plump, smooth, radiant and visibly lifted, in one treatment, with continued improvement in the days after. Powerful peptides instantly restore healthy skin structure and hydration. Carefully selected botanicals detoxify and rejuvenate. Every HydroPeptide® treatment combats telltale signs of aging with the option to customize the treatment to address additional skin care concerns including – but not limited to – sensitivity, acne and hyperpigmentation.​We know the best results are achieved when you marry your home care regimen with regular visits with your skin care professional.
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Our Science and Philosophy

HydroPeptide® is the leader in anti-aging skin care with our proprietary VLR technology; using the correct Variety of peptides at clinical Levelswith regular Repetition for superior anti-aging results. By replacing harsh and less effective ingredients with peptides researched to address wrinkles, discoloration, blemishes and other skin concerns, HydroPeptide is the new standard in anti-aging.

Our scientists relentlessly analyze the safest and most effective anti-aging ingredients. Our technologically advanced blending method builds strong synergistic sequences that deliver unprecedented health care benefits to your skin.